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Escalators for public applications – H Escalators

The H Escalator family is ideal for any busy public transportation environment where human traffic is constant, such as train stations, airports, and metro stations.
The H Escalator family features a reinforced frame and resilient components to ensure high performance in demanding environments.

Since passenger safety is our first priority, our escalators for public use fulfil the safety requirements of current regulations, thus offering exceptional durability.

The steps of our escalators for public facilities are available in widths of (in millimetres):

  • 800, for escalators with a capacity of 4800 persons per hour;
  • 1000, for outdoor escalators with an estimated capacity of 6000 persons per hour

Without balustrade, standard H Escalators support a vertical rise of up to 12 m. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements for the inclination of stairs with different height differences.



Products available

  • H303 Escalator for Public Applications: (30°, 3 steps on landing plate), maximum rise from 2 to 12 metres;
  • H304 Escalator for Public Applications: (30°, 4 steps on landing plate), maximum rise from 2 to 12 metres


Options available

  • Continuous operation or VVVF control system with photocells for passenger detection
  • handrail in non-synthetic rubber or polyurethane
  • balustrade panel in tempered safety glass or stainless steel
  • lateral truss cladding
  • lighting system

Standard length calculations

  • H303 (SR): H*1.732+5629
  • H303 (BR): H*1.732+6146
  • H304 (SR): H*1.732+6429
  • H304 (BR): H*1.732+6946

Note 1: in millimetres.

Note 2: with VVVF control system, two drives, or steps 600 mm wide, vertical distance increases by 500 mm.

Note 3: if H>=7 m, choose the BR model; if H<7 m, choose the SR model.

Inclinazione/Inclination 30°/35°
Larghezza gradino/Step width (mm) 600/800/1000
Gradini in piano agli sbarchi/ Step 3 o 4
Corsa orizzontale dei gradini/Horizontal step run (mm) 800/1200/1600
Estensioni o riduzione della lunghezza/Extensions or reductions of length Rispetto alle dimensioni standard sono disponibili estensioni fino a 500mm e riduzioni fino a 200mm/Relative to the standard dimensions, extensions up to 500mm and reductions of up to 200mm are available.
Supporto intermedio/Intermediate support Necessario per sbalzi superiori a 15mt/Necessary for cantilevers of more than 15m
Velocità/Speed (m/s) 0,5/0,65
Alimentazione/Power supply AC 380V/400V, 3PH, 50Hz/60Hz
Installazione/Installation position Interno/Esterno – Indoor/Outdoor.
Temperatura di esercizio tra -10°C e + 50°C/Operating temperature between -10°C e + 50°C
Dislivello/Rise (m) 2 – 7,5

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