ITALMS escalators and moving walkways: our design service

Appropriate design and planning for escalators and vertical moving walkways are the primary keys to the success of any project and for smooth people flow in your building.

We provide customised design and assistance services to meet the needs of all projects, in line with the quotation provided so that there are no unexpected costs.


preparazione cantiere

Building operation

We take care of building operation so that we can quickly adjust the project on site, when it is necessary to modify the escalator design according to new requirements.

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normativa uni en 115:2015


All our systems comply with the UNI EN 115 regulation, “Safety of escalators and moving walkways”, and carry a wealth of safety features as standard.

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Escalators, vertical and horizontal moving walkways: ITALMS services

We help ensure that all our escalators, vertical and horizontal moving walkways adhere to all current internal escalators standards and regulations for public and private use.




Our vertical and horizontal transportation solutions

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Our escalators are compliant with all regulatory standards. Contact us for further information.

Our products will be appropriately designed to suit the specific requirements of all our customers