How is a construction site prepared?

The installation of our escalators, travelators and moving walkways is always carried out in a safe and efficient way. To achieve this, we follow a procedure that entails the following preliminary checks:
  1. dimensions of the space available for the installation
  2. access routes and free spaces
  3. installation via pulleys
  4. upper, lower and intermediate support
  5. electrical supply
  6. watertight trench / draught pump
Dimensions The check applies to:

  • length and width of the compartment
  • length and width of the trench
  • trenching of the supports of correct dimensions
  • verification of the minimum height of 2.3m above the line of the steps/segments
  • free spaces for the landings
Access routes and free spaces

It is necessary to identify “manoeuvring spaces” for the installation of escalators in a way that avoids the event of obstacles during the assembly operation.

  1. In the case of existing constructions: leave a minimum opening for introduction into the building of 2.5m width and 3.3m height;
  2. In the case of new buildings: position the structure of the installation before the ceiling is closed.
Measures necessary for unloading

During the unloading phase, a mobile crane or camion crane of adequate size is always necessary.

The same method will be used for the junction of the trellis and its positioning in the compartment

Installation via pulleys

When it is not possible to use the crane for the positioning of the trellis, for example in existing buildings, it will be necessary to use attachments on pulleys that can withstand a load of 80kN.

The installation will be transported into the interior via wheels, access routes should be smooth and free of obstacles, and the slab must support a concentrated load of 40kN.

In the case of installation via pulleys, the intermediate support (where present) must be constructed after the positioning of the structure.

Upper, lower and intermediate support

The bearing plane of the supports must be levelled and able to support the weights indicated on the approved technical drawing.

Depending on the type of installation (escalator or travelator), a “tooth” is required for the support slab of different dimensions.

Travelators with a cantilever of more than 10m, and escalators with a cantilever of more than 15m, are also equipped with intermediate support

Electrical supply The supply is always included in the upper section of the motor.

Every installation entails a separate supply line: three phases + ground via cable of suitable section (from 6 to 10mmq)

Watertight trench / Draught pump Interior installation: the trench must be watertight and free of infiltrations.

Exterior installation: after positioning of the installation, it will no longer be possible to access the trench. The trench must be watertight and free of infiltrations An adequate outflow of rainwater must immediately be provided for by a drainage canal or draught pump. It is advisable to provide lateral access to the trench for cleaning and maintenance operations of the drains.

Contact us for all information on the preparation of the construction site

We will guide you in the preparations necessary for the installation of escalators, travelators and mobile walkways, in full compliance with construction site regulations.