Moving walkways

ITAL MS moving walkways are designed to facilitate mobility in a variety of public facilities, such as shopping centres, stations, and airports, transporting people, luggage, and strollers efficiently and safely over different floors.

With a wide range of finishes and materials available, our moving walkways will match and enhance any setting.

Passenger safety is our first priority and all our systems are compliant with the EN 115 regulation.

T moving walkway family

The T family comprises vertical moving walkways, 400 mm long, with horizontal run only at the upper landing.

Standard T moving walkways support a vertical rise of up to 7.5 m. All vertical moving walkways have a range of control options, handrails, lighting systems, and lateral truss claddings to create your individual style.


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Display operating errors

Braking system

Worm gear drive

Auto-lubrication system

Market sectors

F moving walkway family

The F family of vertical moving walkways comprises horizontal moving walkways 400 mm and 800 mm long and they are particularly suitable for transporting large trucks.

The structure of these vertical moving walkways can shuttle 6,000 persons per hour but they are ideal for moving big luggage too. Choose from a range of options, such as fire prevention system, handrail guide frame with optional lighting, or high efficiency helical gear.

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Customised lengths

Glass balustrade

A wide range of inclinations, up to 12°

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