Escalators for public spaces

Escalators for public spaces are designed to ensure efficient people flow in busy environments, such as airports, train and metro stations, as well as city centres.

ITAL MS highly durable escalators are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance and longevity even in the most demanding public transportation environments.

H Escalators

All ITAL MS escalators are fully customisable. Choose from a range of control options, handrails, and finishes to meet your needs and specifications.

As far as the width of our escalators is concerned, we offer two main options while the maximum rise is 12 metres.

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Reinforced handrail

Reinforced steps

Continuous operation (24h/day)

Suitable for USTIF testing

Market sectors

Escalators for private applications

Escalators for private applications are the best solution for commercial environments, delivering vital access over different floors for customers and their shopping trolleys.

Since safety and product reliability are our priorities, all systems are designed ensuring compliance with the European EN115 standards: this means safety of escalators over time and maximum safety for passengers as well.


S Escalators

We provide a flexible selection of escalators for private facilities, from shopping centres to hotels, which will enhance both the appearance and operation of any private building.

We offer three different solutions, all supporting a vertical rise of up to 7.5 m

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High-quality components

Safe ride

Exceptional durability

Market sectors